Aurebesh Translation Calculator

I received a really fun little book for my 27th birthday that claimed to teach you how to speak Wookiee. While the more obscure dialects of the language still confound me, I did become really interested in translating all of the Aurebesh in the book. For those unfamiliar, Aurebesh is essentially the Star Wars alphabet. In Star Wars shows, comics, books, etc. you can often find it scribbled all over the place. In fact, one of the edits made in the 2004 re-re-release of the original trilogy replaced several instances of the English alphabet with aurebesh. So being the dweeb that I am, I’ve always enjoyed finding a chart of the different characters and translating them around. The problem with that is that it’s a pain in the ass. “Why can’t I just translate quickly without referencing a big image?!” I thought to myself. So I threw together a quick calculator-style translator that lets you select an aurebesh character and it’ll output the english equivalent.

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I also made a neat plugin that adds Aurebesh to any WordPress site!

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